Dune HD Traveler

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NOTE: Power supply for this model comes with EU and US plugs ONLY. Please make sure you have a plug adapter if your home power outlet is not EU or US type.

Dune HD Traveler is a next-generation compact mobile projector combined with a powerful Dune HD 4Kp60 HDR media center and Android Smart TV box, with built-in battery, built-in speakers, built-in memory, USB input, HDMI input, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

With this compact mobile projector (330g, 11x11cm), you can easily get a huge screen (with the screen size up to 3 meters) anywhere -- in apartment, house, hotel, tent, at a wall -- and immediately watch hundreds of TV channels, thousands of movies, TV series, cartoons, video / music / photo files, or business documents in any formats.

The built-in poweful media center allows watching the content directly from Internet (via Wi-Fi, using various TV/VOD services and applications), from built-in memory, from connected USB storage devices -- such as USB flash drive or USB HDD (all popular filesystems supported), and from devices accessible via Wi-Fi -- such as mobile phone, tablet, notebook, PC, media/file server, or NAS (via built-in network file browser supporting SMB, NFS, UPnP/DLNA protocols, or via applications such as Miracast). Any devices which have HDMI output (such as external TV tuners, satellite receivers, Blu-ray players, game consoles) also can be used by connecting them to HDMI input port of the projector. The built-in Android OS allows the use of millions of Android applications, such as Internet video, games, video conferencing, social networking, etc.

The built-in battery allows 1.5 hours of active use of the projector. Audio can be output to built-in speakers or to external speakers or headphones (which can be connected to the audio output port of the projector, or connected via Bluetooth).

The media player built-in into this projector, as all other next-generation Dune HD media players, has full support for the latest video standards (including the possibility to play 4Kp60 HDR video content) and provides a unique combination of Dune HD and Android ecosystems. The famous Hi-End Dune HD GUI, developed and polished during many years, is running simultaneously with Android OS, that combines all the benefits of classic Linux-based Dune HD media centers and Android Smart TV boxes in one device. The well-known Dune HD media center, various Dune HD plugins, millions of Android applications -- are available simultaneously.

The new unique Dune HD Android Playback Accelerator technology intellectually manages the resources of Android OS to minimize the influence of Android OS on the media playback engine and ensure smooth and high-quality video and audio plaback. Additionally, the new powerful multi-core CPU and GPU and the new specially optimized GUI rendering engine ensure super-smooth GUI, 2x more smooth than before.

Dune HD Traveler supports a variety of digital audio and video formats, including the most modern HEVC video codec with 10-bit color encoding and top quality 4K and HD content with very high bit rates. Support for the most advanced DRM technologies (including Widevine Level 1) makes it possible to watch premium online video services with High Definition video quality.

Dune HD Traveler is equipped with 1 GB RAM, 8 GB flash memory, USB 2.0 port, 802.11ac Dual Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.x, HDMI input, audio output port.

The projector can be controlled via touch buttons on the casing, via Bluetooth remote control, or via Wi-Fi (from mobile phone, tablet, notebook, or PC). It is shipped with Bluetooth remote control with AirMouse function, and with a tripod mount.

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